6 Best Teas For Indian Monsoon

Monsoon season raganey mana andhariki vedi vedi ga pakodi , bajji tho patu piping hot tea relish cheyadam chala istam. India is one the top most country which produces the best quality tea to the entire world , eekada dorikey world motham entha famous mana India lo chesey prathi oka tea variety kuda antey famous. Tea lo emi undi regular tea ye kada ani anukuntaru kani Indian motham lo yenno different varieties of tea preparation inka method untundi. What are these varieties ani anukuntunara aythey check this article to know more about best Indian tea varieties.

Ginger Tea:special ginger teaOne the most popular tea, sore throat , cough , headache lanti problems ni minutes lo relief cheyali antey oka piping hot ginger tea thaguthey chalu. Hot simmer water lo crushed ginger inka tea powder ni baga boil chesi milk add chesthey ginger tea lo ginger flavour enchance avuthundi.

Lemon Tea:tea with lemonTired day , busy work schedule unchi instant relief ravali antey oka hot refreshing lemon tea with a dash of honey thaguthey chala instant relief tho patu rest of the day active ga untundi.

Green Tea:tea with green leafsMonsoon season lo body immunity levels inka metabolism rate reduce avuthai, ee conditions ni body lo proper ga maintain cheyali antey regular basis lo green tea body ki chala manchidi.

Elaichi Tea:tea with elachiMonsoon evening lo balcony lo refresh inka relax aavali antey ee flavourful elaichi tea thaguthey chala baguntundi. Two or three elaichi ni crush chesi milk inka water tho boil chesthey chalu tasty inka refreshing tea is ready.

Masala Tea:tea with masala'sIndia lo masala tea is all time favourite, ee tea India lo originate ayina worldwide motham ee tea chala famous. Black tea ni aromatic spices tho baga boil chesthey a tea ni masala tea ani antaru. Few people prefer drinking it with milk and few as black tea.

Irani Chai:hyderabad special teaHyderabad inka Mumbai lo dorikey ee special Irani chai chala tasty ga inka delicious ga untundi. Ee tea originally Iranian style lo chestharu. Intlo cheskodam koncham difficult but try this on the stress cafés.

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