6 Creative Ways To Use Leftover Food!

Food wastage has become a thing now. How often we throw away leftovers without even realizing how much wastage it leads to. So, if you are planning to throwaway leftovers from today’s lunch or from the last night dinner, then stop right there. There are several ways to re-use your leftover food. This also saves your time, efforts and you don’t even have to throw away your food.
6 creative ways to use leftover food at home!

1.Fried Rice

1 Uses Of Leftover FoodDo you often throw away leftover rice? Then worry not as leftover rice can be used in several ways. The easiest way to re-use rice is to turn it into tasty fried rice. Take a tawa or a pan, fry your favourite vegetables, herbs, spices and sauces. When they are sautéed add your rice, give it a nice mix and voila! You have a new dish ready.

2.Dal Tikki/Dal Pakoras

2 Uses Of Leftover FoodMost of us believe that dal cannot be reused or cannot be made into a different dish. But that is where you are wrong. Leftover dal can be used in a variety of ways. Mix your leftover dal, with spices and made a thick batter out of it. You can make Dal Tikkis with them or mix them with flour and besan along with some herbs and spices and fry them. Serve your Dal Pakoras/Pakodas with a sauce.

3.Vegetable Paranthe

3 Uses Of Leftover FoodOften, we see that we throw away curries or fried vegetables. Now, the recipes you can try with leftover curries are so many that it is actually crazy. Vegetable curries can be turned into pulao, fried rice or even a biryani. But the easiest way to re-use them is to mix the curry in the wheat flour and turn them into mixed vegetable parathas.

4.Banana Cupcakes/Banana Bread

4 Uses Of Leftover FoodBananas when stored for a long time go over-ripe. Often, we do not know what to do with the over-ripe bananas, thus we throw them away. What we fail to realize is that they are just over-riped and not rotten and that they can be put to a good use. Use the over-riped bananas, add your favourite flavouring ingredients and bake a banana bread or banana cupcakes. You can also try frozen banana icecream with it.


5 Uses Of Leftover FoodIf you have leftover chicken or mutton, let your creative juices flow. Biryani is bae and what better than turn your leftover chicken curry to biryani, nai? If you are lazy or think biryani is time-taking to cook, then you can also try making a delicious pulao with it. Serve your biryani or pulao with a raita or mirchi ka salan.

6.Bread Sandwich

6 Uses Of Leftover FoodLeftover potato curry or egg bhurji at home? Then grab some bread and sauces. Roast your bread slices in clarified butter or butter and spread some sauce or cheese or you can also use a mayo. You can add sliced tomatoes, onions and spinach and then add your leftover curry as a filling and then roast it again. See, with leftover curries, you are sorted with breakfast or evening snacks.

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