6 Famous Dishes Of Hyderabad That You Must Try At least Once


Hyderabad Inka Hyderabadi food anaganey first guruthu ochedi Charminar Inka Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Kani mana city lo oka cuisine ni follow avamu, eekada Nizam’s introduce chesina authentic recipes, mana ancestors chepina tradition Telugu vantakalu, Inka Modern trends tho change ayyina dishes Inka bayata nunchi inspire aayina vatakalu chala dorukuthai. Eela enni unna konni dishes mathram mana Hyderabadi cuisine inka Nizam’s ni guruthu chesey dishes chala unai.

Hyderabad ki kotha ga ochey valaki andharu Hyderabad lo dorikey Dum Briyani, mutton dishes thinali inka try cheyali ani antaru. But ee rendey kakunda Hyderabad has a lot more to offer to all its tourists when it comes to food and its traditional legacy. Want to know what those traditional dishes are? Then check this article for more information.


Foods Of Hyderabad

Tender meat in different spices tho marinade chesi hot stone slab pyna slow cook chesina ee dish ni PATHAR KA GOSHT ani antaru. Slow charcoal cooking lo cook ayyina ee meat chala tender, spicy inka juicy ga untundi. This is one the traditional recipes of Hyderabad.


Foods Of Hyderabad

160 years back start chesina ee dish ee generation lo kuda Hyderabad lo chala famous, ee thick soft square flatbread mutton stew inka curry combination tho tintaru. Old city lo unna Purani Haveli area lo ee flatbreads or naans early morning time lo dorukuthai. So whenever you are in Hyderabad don’t miss to eat this.


Foods Of Hyderabad

Hyderabad mutton fry version ni TALAWA GOSHT ani antaru, ee dry dish full spices inka flavours tho untundi. Ee dish ni traditional ga Hyderabadi khatti dal tho Patu thintaru.


Foods Of Hyderabad

KHEEME KI LUKHMI Hyderabad s most famous breakfast inka snack item. Ee dish maida dough lo kheema ni peti flat chesi deep fry chestharu, you can have this with mutton gravy and pair it with some Irani chai. Ee dish yekuvaga irani cafe inka oldest Hyderabadi restaurants lo dorukuthundi.


Foods Of Hyderabad

Ee Hyderabadi khichdi yethara khichdi laga blend undadhu, eekada dorikey khichdi spicy ga untundi, traditionally this dish is paired with a spicy tangy soupy dish called Khatta and keema.


Foods Of Hyderabad

Did you ever try tandoori roti and spicy keema for breakfast??? If not come to Hyderabad to relish this yummy dish.

Ee traditional Nizam dishes kakunda Hyderabad also offers some authentic Telugu dishes like Pulusu, Veppudus and all-time Telangana special are the gongura mamsam, palakura papu, jonna rotalu, pachi pulusu and many more.