6 Food Tips That Will Help To Lower Cholesterol Levels In The Body!


Most often we are asked not to eat foods that will prevent the cholesterol in our bodies. But what is cholesterol and how does it affect our bodies?
Cholesterol is an organic molecule, a fatty wax-like structure found in your cells and several foods. Our bodies need cholesterol to function properly and to produce its own cholesterol. Cholesterol helps in the production of vitamin D and digestion.
While cholesterol is necessary for the functioning of the body, too much cholesterol can have adverse effects on the body. Several things like genetics, age, obesity, or smoking can increase cholesterol levels in the body. And, if you are already suffering from high cholesterol levels, then you must shift to a healthy lifestyle in general and healthy diet in particular.
So, here are 6 diet tips that will help you in lowering the cholesterol levels in your body.

1.Eat more vegetables and fruits.

1 Food Tips For Cholesterol DietEating more fruits and vegetables will have great effects on your body. As they are rich in antioxidants, they help the body to lower cholesterol. Studies also prove that those who consume more fruits and vegetables have lower cholesterol levels when compared to those who do not.

2.Including herbs and spices.

2 Food Tips For Cholesterol DietSpices and herbs are the powerhouses of nutrients. They are loaded with minerals and vitamins. Most studies show that regular consumption of turmeric and garlic not only produces antioxidants, but also lower the cholesterol levels in the body. Both dried and fresh spices are good for oxidation of the body.

3.Avoid sugars.

3 Food Tips For Cholesterol DietSugars are often considered unhealthy and fattening. Research proves that consuming too much sugar can have possible ill-effects on cholesterol levels. They also double your chances of dying with heart diseases. Hence, it is advisory to consume them in limited numbers.

4.Drink Green Tea

4 Food Tips For Cholesterol DietGreen Tea is one of the healthiest drinks. It is loaded with antioxidants is the best source to oxidise your body. It plays a vital role in reducing the chances of heart diseases. So a cup of Green Tea every day will keep your cholesterol levels in check.

5.Fibre is important.

5 Food Tips For Cholesterol DietFibre is necessary to control the cholesterol levels in the body. Fibre lowers the cholesterol levels by preventing the absorption of bile and eliminating it from the body. Bile, a product of cholesterol is made by the liver, and to produce it, it absorbs the cholesterol from your blood, lowering the cholesterol levels. And, fibre prevents it. So taking fibre-rich foods like lentils and legumes in important.

6.Cholesterol-lowering supplements

6 Food Tips For Cholesterol DietIn addition to these above diet tips, you can also include and use some cholesterol-lowering supplements. They are rich in niacin and psyllium husk which lower the cholesterol levels. But ensure you consult your doctor before starting a supplement regime.

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