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6 Foods that boosts stamina for Workaholics


People workout for many reasons, kontha mandhi weight thaggadaaniki mari kontha penchadaani; height peragaali anna ledha mood divert cheyali anna. Kaani for working out you need stamina. Here are a few foods that will increase stamina and boost energy.

1.BeansMinerals inka iron rich undadamu valla, oats help RBCs (red blood cells) carry oxygen to muscles meeru exercise chesthunnapudu thereby building stamina.

2.BananasBananas are the best source of energy. Exercise chese mundhu thinte it is very beneficial. Bananas, ‘dopamine’ ane chemical release chesthundhi, which increases concentration and focus.

3.Green leafy vegetablesSpinach, broccoli vanti vegetables lo unna micronutrients stamina build chesi RBC count ni penchuthundhi. Veetilo unna fiber content digestion improve chesi, blood-glucose level maintain cheyadamu lo help chesthundhi.

4.Red GrapesRed grapes lo unna ‘resveratol’ energy boost chesthundhi. Indhilo unna thakuva sugar content energy boost chesi, stamina penchuthundhi.

5.Fish, Chicken & EggsVeetilo unna protein content body growth, development inka muscle building lo help chesthundhi.

6.Beetroot JuiceWorkout chese mundhu beetroot juice thaagdam will help you work out for long hours without getting tired. Beetroot juice lo unna Vitamin A & C increases stamina.

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