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Lesser Known facts about the legendary Tv series CID


CID, e show gurinchi peddaga evariki introduction ivanavasaram ledu. Hindu nundi Telugu lo dub aina sare, deniki irrespective of age chala mandi fans unaru and even social media lo e show meda vache jokes anni inni kaadu. Kontamandi admins aitey e name tho pages and memes create chese panilone unaru. But apart from jokes, e show gurinchi manaku teliyani enno vishayalu unayi. Check out the facts that you need to know about CID.

1. CID show asalu start aindi 1998 lo and successful ga 19 years run aindi. A tarvate Telugu loki dub aindi and deni first episode 1992 lo shot chesaru, kaani adi 1998 lo release chesaru due to some reasons.

2. You know e show Limca Book of Records and the Guinness Book of World Records holder and it happened on November 7, 2004 for its record-breaking single shot episode of 111 minutes.

3. CID show loni main actor Satam Central Bank lo cashier ga 23 years work chesi, then acting start chesaru. Abhijeet kuda e show lo first criminal ga introduce chesi, then team member ga join ayadu. And interesting thing entante, he agreed to play just 26 episodes in the beginning, but slow ga show nachi, daniki stick apoyadu.

4. CID show also airs in Pakistan on Apna Channel, A-Plus Entertainment, and on Geo Kahani. It dubbed into Telugu, English, Bengali and Tamil languages.

5. Actress Yami Gautam Bollywood loki enter avakamundi e show dwarane Hindi lo debut chesindi oka episode lo.

6. E show lo Inspector Daya, whose original name is Dayanand Shetty was a shot put and discus throw champion. But oka leg injury valla sport ki dooram ayyi, television ki deggarayaru. Inka interesting entante, e show lo chese stunts anni Daya tane own ga perform chesevadu, without anyone’s help.

7. ACP Prathyuman gets paid rupees one lakh per episode, while Dayanand Shetty and Aditya Srivastava get paid around ?80,000-1 lakh per episode.

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