6 Foods You Should Definitely Feed Your Babies For Better Growth

After birth, the baby needs to be introduced to regular food once the breastfeeding period is over. The infant’s diet needs to be well balanced and high on nutrition which will support the physical and mental development of the child. We have made a list of foods that are high in calories and provide plenty of nutrition and protein to the baby.

Let’s take a look at them:-


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Banana is a classic baby food; it is perfect for dicing, slicing, and pureeing. Babies often love this super sweet fruit and it packs a big calorie punch!


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Scrambled or omelet style eggs are often best for calories because the baby is sure to get the yolk. Don’t offer hard-boiled eggs too often as the baby might skip out on the high-calorie yolk.

Sweet Potato

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Sweet Potato is a super versatile brain food that can be offered diced, mashed, or fries. You can add in some butter and even a little syrup if you really want to increase those extra calories.


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Another high hitting calorie winner that can be served diced, sliced or shredded. Cheese is also easily added to baby food or other purees to up calories even more.


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Avocado is incredibly easy to add to many foods because of its mild taste and creamy mashed texture when it’s ripe. You can easily add them to other foods to increase calorie intake.


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Yoghurt provides fat and nutritious calories for healthy weight gain in the baby. It also improves digestion, increases immunity, and helps with gastric troubles. You can make the yogurt interesting by adding chunks of fruits in it.

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