6 Hydrating Ayurvedic Drinks For This Summer

Summertime ..!! ee time lo body ni rest of the year kanna chala hydrate ga unchukovali, summer sweat inka dehydration valla body thavraga tired avuthundi. Eelanti time lo cold water, cool drinks inka unhealthy food habits ni alavatu cheskuntam. Eelanti habits valla mana body ki instant relief osthundi kani long run lo mana body health ni damage chesthundi. Kaani Ayurveda lo ee junk inka bad drinks ki replace cheyadaniki hydrating inka delicious summer coolers unnai. Ee different inka yummy drinks kosam check this article.

1.Poppy seeds sherbet:Hydrating Drinks Poppy seeds antey Gasagasālu, poppy seeds inka lemon tho patu mix chesthey yummy poppy seeds sherbet ready avuthundi. Dintlo unna excellent source of iron, manganese inka B6 vitamins body ni hydrate ga unchuthundi.

2.Wood apple sherbet / Kalapa apil: Hydrating Drinksee drink perfect body cooling agent laga pani chesthundi. Ee drink gastrointestinal problems, peptic ulcer, jaundice, obesity inka gynecological disorders lanti problems ki beneficial laga pani chesthundi.

3.Phalsa Sherbet: Hydrating DrinksPhalsa fruit chinna berries laga untai . Ee berry juice body lo unna excess heat ni thagindi body ni hydrate ga unchuthundi.

4.Rose sherbet: Hydrating Drinksinstant refreshment inka energy kosam rose sherbet best. Dintlo unna vitamin A, C, E inka B body ni hydrate ga nunchi , digestive problems ni thagisthundi.

5.Buttermilk:Hydrating Drinksperfect inka all time summer drink, buttermilk ki roju thaguthey body ni cool ga inka hydrate ga unchuthundi.

6.Aam ka Panna: Hydrating DrinksGreen mango tho chesina ee drink perfect summer coolant ga pani chesthundi. Dintlo unna micronutrients body ni cool ga unchuthundi.

Ee drinks me daily summer life lo include cheskoni, body ni cool ga inka hydrate ga unchukondi.

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