6 Places Where Indian Style Burgers And Pizzas Are Making Noise In Food Capital Hyderabad!

Pizza Hut, Dominos, pizza corner, Mc Donalds ee places andhariki telusu and we know that they serve some of the best authentic Italian version pizzas and burgers, kani ee places entha mana Indian touch eechi pizza chesina antha tasty ga matram undavu. But have you ever tried the traditional yet Indian touch, low budget pizza places in Hyderabad? Then you must check this article. Thick crust yet crispy, spicy sauce, lots of Indian vegetable toppings and lots of cheese unna pizza mana Hyderabad lo yepudu ayna thinara ? Leda ? aythey mana authentic but international cuisine try cheyali antey check out these places which serve some of the yummiest burgers and pizzas.

1. Pizza Den:

1-Pizza Den

Early 90’s kid’s ki ee shop one of the most favourite place and ee place eepudu kuda anthey famous. Ee place lo yummy pizzas, soft serve ice cream chala famous. Eekada meeru try cheyialsindi pineapple pizza, double masti pizza.

2. Ks bakers:

2-KS Bakers

Ameerpet, Kutapally and the list go on eekada dorikey pizza inka burgers chala chala famous. Try out their chicken burger and all-time favourite vegetable pizza.

3. King and Kardinal:

3-King & Cardinal Bakers

Indian style burger thinali antey just head to this awesome place and forget the world.

4. Universal bakers:

4-Universal Baers

One of the oldest and most famous. Eekada chicken inka vegetable burgers chala tasty ga untai.

5. Shalimar tiffins:

5-Shalimar tiffins

Eedi oka china food joint almost like a secret food joint, eekada dorikey double cheese tawa burger is most famous in Secunderabad area.

6. Big byte bakers:

6-Big Bite

Chicken pataka pizza, vegetable pataka pizza inka chicken tikka burger are the best and oka sari ee place lo thintey you will become a regular there.

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