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7 Body Language Tricks To Maintain That Super Swag..!!


By Sravanthi Talluri

‘We are what we show we are’. There are not many truer statements than this. So we at Wirally, went in search of best Body Language Tricks for the best version of you.
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Mirroring The Other Person…

In this technique we subtly mirror other persons body language, for example if they are sitting laid back you too should sit laid back, or if they are leaning in, you too should lean in.
This kind of mirroring subconsciously transmits deep dense of rapport and trust with other person.
Please take care that you do this very subtly, don’t over do it, else it might come of at desperate and freakish.

Feet Tell Many Tales…

This technique I am sharing is evil, In any conversation where you want the other person to invest more and perceive you as more powerful, consider your feet movement.
While you are having conversation and the other person shares an experience or some story, when they are at the ending of it slightly turn your feet away, or towards the exit, the other person will subconsciously notice this and they will have feeling that you are not interested/impressed by them and so they will start narrating a better story or sharing a better experience.

Orientation Is The Key…

Use the orientation of your body wisely!
This is a pretty interesting idea that keeps coming up from the works of pickup artists, relationships coaches and body language experts like Joe Navarro. The way in which your body is facing can say a lot about how you feel about a person, or a situation.
This ” body orientation ” trick is part of the idea that you can give positive and negative body language to someone. For example, turning your head away while someone is talking is negative body language. (Quite rude also!) Looking them in the face, positive body language. You’re paying attention.

Handshake Means So Much More…

The handshake is thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon up their sleeves. Its been in existence for several centuries, and artefacts around the world have depicted the practice of the same. A handshake with a person, can tell you a lot about the way the conversation would progress. The Image below shows some of the different variants of handshake and what they mean.

Eye Contact To Make Good…

This is another most important act of your initial conversation to impart confidence and credibility to your speech. Try to maintain eye contact with your target person throughout the time. If you ever need to break eye contact for some reason, do it slowly and not in a jerk, abruptly breaking contact with the person. You would seem more uninterested if you break away eye contact whenever permits.
Beware of rapid eye blinking and staring completely blank at a person throughout the conversation, you might come out as creepy. Take little breaks of eye contact while coming up with your answers and blink normally while maintaining eye contact with the other person.

Gesticulate As In Movement Of Hands…

Not using articulated movement of arms and fingers while speaking is a bad way to communicate with someone. You will feel more rigid like a structure and come off completely insincere due to a lack of movement of your arms while talking. Gesticulation is completely normal and illustrates your enthusiasm and interest regarding the said topic. You must also try to show your thumbs in the front while talking, forming a teepee-like structure and not fold your hands while talking to someone.

Gesturing while talking also helps you in your thought process and establishes your credibility and interest in the topic. But care must be taken that you do not end up gesturing a lot, which will make them perceive you as an exaggerating lunatic.

Look for Humour In The Talk…

Bottom line, people love it when others find them alluring. Whether they want to be found funny, intelligent, or just cool, being on the same page with their idea of humour is a quick way to make them feel understood. Humour is such an individual and personal thing for everyone and most speeches (even dry ones) will contain some insight about their sense of it. If there’s a joke, laugh at it. If there’s a smug remark, allow a little knowing smirk to show up on your face. This is a form of mirroring (as many of these answers have talked about) and the speaker will truly appreciate it.


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