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“Every Picture Clicked , Always Gets Frozen In Time” – An Interview With Photographer Apuroopa Reddy


It was some two years back, that I was scouting for some stock imagery, for a project of mine. I had something specific in mind, and therefore I scrolled through pages and stacks of pictures available on almost every hosting site available. And after almost six hours of doing that, something stopped my keys and cursor. A picture of a dried up maple leaf did it for me. It was simple, unique and yet very poetic and obscure. It made my day. And there in started my admiration for this immensely talented photographer, Apuroopa Reddy, who possessed a unique talent to say something incredibly beautiful, through the simplest of muses. However it was only last week, that I managed to interview her and actually see what went inside her creative mind…

Hey There Apuroopa…Long Time no? Ok So, we’ll start off with the one thing that I always wanted to ask, what does Apuroopa mean? And how did photography specifically happen?
Apuroopa, in Sanskrit, means utmost beauty.  Photography is an amalgamation of art and science; one that enables us to capture what the eye sees and freeze the frame in time. I had always liked the camera; much before my parents bought me my own one. I always imagined about taking pictures and the dynamics of it when I saw something picturesque.

They say every picture has a story behind it, isn’t it? So what was the story behind your first click, If I may ?
It was I think through the lowest point of my life that I found my passion. It was a period of time, when I was very depressed and would shut myself in my room for hours together. I used to watch the setting sun every day from my window and click a picture of it, and this turned out to be therapeutic for me. Photography kept me sane in the beginning and slowly and surely, now it’s become a part of me.

Many at times we look at photographers going for a particular theme or soul. Something they prefer, a genre or such. Do you have any such specificity?
Yes, I do go by a theme and I am very conceptual as a person. Every shoot becomes special for me because of the concept involved, as it lets my imagination flow in a very natural direction. I mull over a concept for days together, and when something strikes me well enough, I get into composing it at an intricate level. I guess that’s the only thing that is common in all the shoots I take up.

I’ve known you for a considerable amount of time now, and I’ve seen that you are very active on Instagram and Facebook? I always wondered how you have carved your own fan base on these sites with so much of competition present?
Facing competition is inevitable, but when one is driven by passion there’s a satisfaction of making an amazing picture. Making it big is all about how one’s pictures make a mark and how different one thinks. That is to say, every photo is unique and so is the person composing it. Hence everyone has their own space to own up, on these platforms. Also, social media is definitely an important tool that helps any person in getting their work reach out to a larger audience.

What is that one photograph that took a heavy toll on you emotionally? After all, every photograph is an expression of a photographers soul, isn’t it?
That would be shooting portraits of my own self. They really make me, on one hand, grow as a photographer and, also on the other, give me a deeper understanding of the relation between the parallel facets of photography. That of a photographer envisioning a theme and of a model expressing it.

That’s so true and understandably taxing, Now then, what’s your proverbial bag pack like when you go for a shoot? Any five things that you are specific about?
The five things would be – the concept that I get fixated upon , a wonderful muse that could actually make it work, location that I choose beforehand, proper lighting & lastly, the scope of drama that can be created.

Last we spoke, You were in Bengaluru and you were loving the street photography culture there..Now if you had to pick, say , five most scenic places in India to revisit your shoot for, what would they be ? 
Yeah, I was. I loved it there. So, there are many places which I have yet to visit in India, but if I have to choose from places I’ve already been to, then, In no specific order, they would be Vizag as it is my hometown, Goa for its warm locations, Ooty because of its dewy nature, Ladakh for its serenity, Udaipur-Jaipur fro their sheer glory.

What kind of equipment do you prefer to use? And for someone who comes from limited resources, what would be a great equipment composition be ? 
Equipment is not the only prerequisite to a good photograph. I use a Canon 550d & a 50mm f1.8 which again is not really hi-fi. I never felt the need to upgrade either as this combination, lets me cast my own view while I execute my work. At the end of the day, It is all about how creative one gets and how well the ideas and thoughts are executed.

You’ve been in the arena for quite some time now, and you’ve learnt much about how things work. Any advice that you’d like to give for the many budding photographers out there, who mightn’t have the idea of going about it?
My advice would be to get as creative as possible and try not to duplicate what one sees, or comes across on the web. Also, interaction with as many creative people as possible is something much needed as every creative mind has something new to teach. Experimenting should never be shied away from.


So that was Apuroopa Reddy, one of the most brilliant photographers that I have come across. Simplicity is her mantra and therefore the way she speaks through with her photographs is something very characteristically unique. We thank her for the interview.

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