7 Health benefits of Raagi


Raagi was the most commonly consumed food in the past. Ipudu ochina varieties maikam lo people have forgot the benefits of this wonderful millet. There are many many dishes they can make out of ragi. These ones are tasty and all the more delicious.

Here are the nutritional facts of Raagi.

1. Helps in weight loss1.-Helps-in-weight-lossOne thing people of this decade are looking forward is those kinds of foods that help in weight loss. Raagi is definitely what you should have on your list. It contains a lot of amino acids that reduce appetite and keeps us full for a very very long time.

2. High sources of calcium2.-High-sources-of-calciumCalcium is very important for bone strengthening and development. And ragi is a very important source of this food. This should be incorporated in the daily diets of children and also adults.

3. Regulates sugar levels in blood3.-Regulates-sugar-levels-in-bloodThey contain natural nutrients that help in building proper glucose levels in the blood. It is one of those best foods diabetic patients can consume.

4. High in iron4.-High-in-ironPatients with low iron and hemoglobin can blindly trust raagi to develop their health. Vitamin C is known to aid the absorption of iron. Once ragi is allowed to sprout, the vitamin C levels increase and lead to further absorption of iron into the bloodstream.

5. High in fibre5.-High-in-fibreRaagi contains higher amounts of fibre compared to rice or wheat. Due to this, raagi aids digestion, prevents over-eating and makes you feel full for a longer span of time.

6. Is the best consumable food during summer6.-Is-the-best-consumable-food-during-summerIf you do not know, olden days lo people consumed a lot of ambali which is now forgotten. Please ask your grandparents you make you some of this and see that they will happily do it to ensure your health.

7. Helps in relaxing the body7.-Helps-in-relaxing-the-bodyThe ample amount of amino acids and antioxidants in raagi help the body relax naturally. Common ailments like anxiety, insomnia, headaches and depression can be battled with raagi.