7 Things About Madhavan Will Make You Love Him More.

Madhavan Balaji Ranganathan AKA Madhavan (Maddy), Telugu lo chesindi chala takkuva movies ea ina Madhavan ki good following and popularity undi. Maniratnam Iruvar film ki Madhavan ni screen test chesaru kani Madhavan aa film lo character cheyaledu. He got break for Maniratnam movie Alaipayuthey (2000)- Sakhi in Telugu ee movie ki Madhavan Filmfare debutant award tisukunnaru. Sakhi film Madhavan ki charm and chocolate boy image tecchi pettindi.Apart from movies Madhavan attitude, down to earth character, his simplicity are too good ani cheppali.

7 Unique things about Madhavan AKA Maddy.

1. A journey from teacher to celebrity.

Madhavan birthday

Madhavan films lo entry ivvaka mundu, communication and public speaking teacher ga work chesadu. Teacher job chestuney modelling lo interest tho commercial ads chesthu portfolio maintain chesadu. Oka sandalwood add lo Madhavan ni Santhosh Sivan garu Director Maniratnam ki recommend chesaru. Aa taruvatha vacchina Alaipayuthey (2000)- Sakhi movie tho film career boost up aiyyindi.

2. Best NCC cadet and passion towards Indian Army

Madhavan birthday

College days lo Madhavan NCC lo best cadet aa inspiration tho ne Madhavan wants to serve the Nation. Anduku Indian Army lo join avdamani decide aiyyadu but his parents won’t allow him to do so.

3. Pure Vegetarian

Madhavan birthday

Being into Tamil Iyengar family Madhavan childhood nundi vegetarian. Madhavan was voted the “cutest male vegetarian” in an online poll by NGO.

4. He is confident about his choices.

Madhavan birthday

Madhavan films choices chustay manaki ardam avtundi atanu characters ni ela choose cheskuntado. Rang De Basanti lo pilot Ajay Rathod character, 3 Idiots lo Farhan Qureshi character, importance unna characters ni choose cheskunnadu and he lived in those characters.

5. Complete family man.

Madhavan birthday

Madhavan dhi love marriage, film career start avvaka mundey Sarita Birje tana college student ni marriage cheskunadu. Dates free untey chalu Madhavan family tho outstations, holiday trips tho time spend chesthadu.

6. Charity and social services.

Madhavan birthday

He supports the Chennai-based charity – The Banyan. Richard Gere American actor and humanitarian tho kalisi Madhavan AIDS awareness program lo participate chesadu. Suriya Aagram foundation ki Madhavan four-minute film dwara education awareness campaign support chesadu.

7. Parenthood.

Madhavan birthday

Actor sons kuda actors avvali anna rule break chesthu as a father he supported his son vedant swimming interest. In a result, vedant bagged a bronze medal for India in an international swim meet in Thailand.

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