7 Things Men Should Do Before Getting Married



Ammayilake kadu ammayilaku kuda marriage ayaka life complete change apotadi and valaki istamaina chala things vala partners kosam sacrifice chestaru. So, there are few things that men should do before getting married to lead a life without any regrets.

1. Buy all the gadgets you want

Yes, me partner ki gadgets istamo ledo kuda teledu. So, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. So, better buy all the gadgets that you want to before wedding.


2. Plan a get together with all your school and college mates

After marriage, you won’t get much time to spend time with your mates. So, oka bachelor party laga arrange chesi try to invite all your friends and make it a memorable one.2.-Plan-a-get-together-with-all-your-school

3. Go through a heartbreak

Yes, meru chadivindi correct eh. Love and Heartbreaks will make your heart more stronger and also let you lead your life with a matured heart. Deni valla life lo elanti situation eduraina edurinchadaniki meku dairyam vastundi.3.-Go-through-a-heartbreak

4. Learn how to cook

Idi mandatory andi. E generation lo chala mandiki cook cheyadam radu amailaki. So, meku cooking vaste valaki romantic ga nerpinche chance kotteyochu.4.-Learn-how-to-cook

5. Financial independence and learn how to manage money

Pelliki munde, try to get that financial independence and also money ela karchupetali and ela save cheyali ane vishayalu kuda gurtunchukovali.5.-Financial-independence-and-learn

6. Travel alone

Meku vache partner ki traveling istam untundo ledo kuda teledu. So, better give sometime for yourself and travel alone to your favorite place.6.-Travel-alone

7. Follow your passion

Me passion ni follow avandi. Okkasari responsibilities vachaka it is difficult and impossible to achieve what you want. So make use of this time wisely.7-Follow-your-passion