7 times when your smart phone behaves like Balayya!


Balakrishna gaari acting, dialogues, style and timing chaala famous. Alanti dialogues and timing ni mana smart phone follow authe ….. crazy untadi asalu!

1. When your battery is about to die,

Rey…charging pettu! Chachipothav!balakrishna

2. When the phone storage becomes full.. and you are trying to clear things from your phone,

Naaku memory loss authe…neeku next birthaday undadu!balakrishna

3. When you want to sell your mobile,

Nannu ammaku…Ammalani Fix aithe Nenu relax avvanu!!!balakrishna

4. When someone talks good about their smart phone In front of yours,

Okadu na mundu action action chesthe enjoy chestha..ade overaction chesthe injurechestha!!balakrishna

5. Nu finally kottha phone kontav ani then realizes that the previous one was better and shifts back the previous one,

Once I Step in…..History Repeats!!balakrishna

6. When you handle your phone very rough,

Neeku BP osthe nenu vanukuthanu…ade naku BP osthe, andaru Maadipotharu!!!balakrishna

7. When your phone is slow and you get frustrated,

Arichi Arichi neeku Alupu osthademo..Nenu arusthe, naku oopu osthadi!!balakrishna