7 Useful and Simple DIY Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier


Everyday manam kitchen lo chala kastapadutuntam. So, we are sharing some interesting and simple and useful hacks to make your life in the kitchen easier. Check out the article:

1. Use a rubber band to loosen the tight lid of a jar1 DIY Kitchen Hacks
2. You can peel off the hard boiled egg shell by just shaking it in a glass of water.2 DIY Kitchen Hacks
3. Follow these steps to quickly cut a watermelon3 DIY Kitchen Hacks
4. You can easily peel off ginger with a spoon than knife or peeler.4 DIY Kitchen Hacks
5. Try to freeze liquids or food items in flat containers for more space in your freezer. 5 DIY Kitchen Hacks
6. Store ice cream in a zipper to keep it soft. 6 DIY Kitchen Hacks
7. Keep your chopping board on a wet towel to prevent it from sliding.7 DIY Kitchen Hacks

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