700-Year-Old Banyan Tree Put On Drip By State Officials In Mahabubnagar

Usual ga manadariki telusu, evarikanna bagoledu ani hospital ki tesukeltey, valaku koncham energy ivadaniki saline pedataru, koncham strength vachidi ani. Well, meku epudanna doubt vachinda? Same ide effective process humans and animals and tress ki kuda vartistunda?banyan treeWell, nijamane cheppali. And idi prove chesindi the state officials in Telangana’s Mahabubnagar district. In a quite miraculous incident, oka 700-year-old Banyan tree ni padipotey daniki kotta jeevitanni ivadaniki Telangana’s Mahabubnagar district chala kastapadaru and effective care tesukunaru.banyan tree

A tree ni “Pillalamarri” or “Peerla Marri”, ani pilustuntaru. Idi oka major tourist attraction annamata Mahabubnagar lo. It spread over 3 acres of land and believed to the world’s second largest Banyan tree. But a chettu went through a feeble health condition and a tree branches kuda severe ga termites dwara effect ayayi. So, anduke last December lo close chesesaru idi tourists kosam. Apatike oka brach virigipadipovadam kuda jarigindi.banyan tree

A chettu condition chusina tarvata, state officials anta kalisi, they have put up drips filled with diluted pesticides to wipe out the insects. They diluted the Chlorpyrifos chemical and started pushing it into the stem by keeping holes, but it didn’t work out.banyan tree

A solution instantly bayataku ravadam start ayindi. Tarvata, they started injecting solution like a saline drip. Then adi chala effective ga pani cheyadam start chesindi. Dani tarvata, they started watering the roots with the diluted solution to kill the termites. And in a physical method, they are building concrete structures to support the collapsing heavy branches. The bottles had diluted chemical Chlorpyrifos in them. Vatini every two meters of the giant banyan tree degara pettaru and adi chala baga work ayindi.banyan tree

Inka good news entante, the tree has improved a lot and is in stable condition now. Inkonni rojullo, a place lo visitors kosam open ga kuda pettabotunaru, but kaani dooram nunde chuselaga cheyalanukuntunaru.banyan tree

Manchitanam batikeundi ani manaku malli e officers prove chesaru.

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