8 answers to “Why Should I Hire you” that will get you hired!


Job interviews lo manalni annitikanna ekkuvaga irritate chese question- ‘Why should I hire you?’. Manam edo kashtapadi akkada ikkada vethiki cover letter rastham, malli ilanti questions adigithe aa table meda unde paper weight theskoni thala pagalakottali anipisthundi. Kaani ala cheyalem kada, anduke eppudu cheppevi kaakunda konni offbeat answers ni vethiki pattukocham.

Take a look
1.First of all, mee gurinchi meru confident ga cheppukondi.unusual– ‘You can’t expect me to go to clients and represent company’s best interests if I cant sit here now and represent mine.
– Because I won’t work for the company. I’ll work for me.
Luckily, our goals are aligned
2.After all, boss entha khadoos ayna, paapam vaallaki kuda prashanthatha kaavali kada.unusual– ‘When you look at the schedule and you see my name, you know that you have nothing to worry about.’
3.Okkosari pedda pedda thechnical terms kakunda, only basic things matters!!!unusual– I don’t steal other people’s lunch.
I cover my food when I microwave it.
I never leave my coffee pot empty.
Oh and I use my headphones when listening to music.
4.Mee gurinchi meru confident ga undandi annam kada ani mari ekkuvaga cheppeskokandi. Tharvatha mere book aypotharu.unusual– ‘Because my promises depend on what I can deliver and not on the other way around’.
5.Let them know that both of you have same goals.unusual– Because you and I want the same thing; for me to succeed.
6.Confidence ki arrogance ki madhyalo line ni mathram croos cheyyakandi.unusual– I don’t want to look back on today thinking ‘I should have been a little less arrogant’. and I don’t want you looking back thinking ‘I should have hired the other guy instead.’
7.Work cheyyadam ante meku entha ishtamo munde cheppeyandi.unusual– From what I understand about the job, it’s a position that requires a lot of fast activity and that’s the kind of job I thrive in. I love to stay busy.
8.Athi ga cheppukokunda konchem realistic ga mee gurinchi cheppukondi.unusual– Honestly I’d have a hard time saying ‘You should hire me!’ because you are going to meet or have already met the other candidates. I would only say that I’m excited about your company and its prospects. If I seem like the right person for the job I’d be very excited to continue the conversation.