The 8 Best Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad

Mana Indians ki ye cuisine dishes lo anna mana desi twist eevaka pothey a dish complete aavadhu. Eela mana regular desi twist eechina okey oka cuisine Chinese. India lo Indo Chinese dishes antey mana andhariki Chala istam Hakka noodles, dumplings, momos, fried rice, chicken 65, Manchuria eela prathi oka dish chala delicious ga inka tasty ga untai.

So recent times lo mana Hyderabad streets lo pani puri entha easy ga available ga untundo antey easy ga Chinese bandi kuda stalls kuda unnai. Street Chinese kakunda mana Hyderabad lo authentic Chinese cuisine restaurants kuda antey famous. Check this article for the most famous Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad.

China Bistro:

Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad

complete Chinese dishes ni try cheyali antey China Bistro lo lunch inka buffet menu try cheyali. Scrumptious appetizers, delicious main-course inka not to forget the mouth-watering desserts makes this buffet a complete meal.

Fire Water Kitchen & bar:

Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad

Best ambience Ika tasty food valla ee restaurant chala famous. Eekada dorikey crisp honey chilli chicken inka butter garlic prawns are one the best in the list.


Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad

pocket-friendly prices lo authentic Chinese cuisine tinali antey directly head to Bonsai. Be hunger pangs ni satisfy cheyali antey try out their kickass chicken in lemon butter sauce inka ginger prawns.

Urban Asia:

Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad

extraordinary inka delicious pan Asian inka Chinese cuisine dishes kosam ee restaurant pakka try cheyali.


Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad

Vibrant interiors inka extraordinary food tho ee place foodies ni chala attract chesthundi.

Aromas of China:

Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad

lip-smacking dimsums inka spicy Kung pao chicken tinali antey directly head to this authentic Chinese restaurant.


Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabadee restaurant 100% authentic Chinese cuisine serve chesthundi. Complete Chinese meal ni relish cheyali antey this is the best place to satisfy your taste buds.

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