8 Dedicated Civil Servants And Their Initiatives Which Made 2018 A Better One


Politicians and rulers have only power to order things but where as Civil Servants are the real heroes behind all the development and growth of states and nation. Yes, one should agree this one manam vote lu vesi gelpinche prati leader venaka undedi Collectors, Police, Administrative department and other civil servants.

Civil servants ante only files paina sign chesi lower division employees ki orders pass chese varu matrame kadu public madhyalo untu public ki kavalsina minimum requirements water, power, urbanization related vishayalu chuskovalsina badyatha vari mida untadi.

Ila varikunna responsibilities ea kaka other things lo kuda active ga untu kondaru IPS, IAS, and other civil servants tiskunna some initiates chala impact create chesayi ee year lo. Mari ee inspiring civil servants tiskunna aa initiates ento once chuseddam.

1. Smita Sabharwal – Known as a ‘People’s officer’

Civil Servants And Their Initiatives

Warangal Panchayat Commissioner and Karimnagar lo DM (District Magistrate) ga unna Smita Sabharwal garu aa time lo “Fund Your City”, campaign tho Warangal public lo awareness create chesi aa money tho town lo traffic junctions, foot over bridge lantivi construct cheyincharu. And, Karimnagar lo She also ran a campaign to bring female patients, who generally hesitated to seek help, to government hospitals.

And now She became a youngest additional secretary at Telangana Chief Minister’s Office. Her responsibilities and efforts in ‘Mission Bhagiratha’ to provide 100 liters drinking water per person in rural areas, and 150 liters per person in urban areas’ is appreciated by Telangana government.

2. Rema Rajeshwari – IPS Officer

Civil Servants And Their Initiatives

1200 ki paiga child brides ni marriage jargakunda apadam, trafficking and abuse nundi hundreds of women victims ni save chesi varini society mundu matladela cheyadam, number of rural schools lo toilets and drinking water facility kosam fight chesi adi jarige la cheyadam ila chepukunte ee IPS officer di pedda track record ea avtundi.

And recently she is the responsible for ‘Whatsapp’ rumours and fake messages awareness across the nation. Mahabubnagar district lo start chesina operations and then almost 400+ villages lo chesi sting operations dwara ee IPS officer Whatsapp Mob killings ki check pettaru.

3. B Raghu Kiran – IRS Officer

Civil Servants And Their Initiatives

‘GST’ – this tax has changed everything, especially common man ekkuva suffer aiyadu e tax valla. Some stores and restaurants fraud traders vallu extra GST and taxes kuda collect chesaru. Diniki check petadaniki ee IRS officer (who’s a techie to) oka software tool and app ni kanipettadu. So that one who shops/eats /buys, they can simply check the bill and use the app to verify whether or not a trader is authorized to collect the tax.

4. Hari Chandana Dasari, IAS

Civil Servants And Their Initiatives

Hyderabad lo plastic usage paina restrictions, wastage ni recycle chesi vati nundi tiles other products ni metro stations lo use cheyadam, waste anukunna dump yard place ni India’s first dog park ga marchadam ila enno initiates c/o address GHMC IAS officer Hara Chandan garu.

And also She played a pivotal role dry/wet wastage initiation in twin cities.

5. Nikhil Nirmal, IAS

Civil Servants And Their Initiatives

Nikhil Nirmal, coming from highest literacy percent state Kerala this young IAS officer took up own initiate called ‘Aloran’ initiate in West Bengal. With this initiate he turned out poverty facing 20,000 students to attend schools in 73 villages. Idi okate child abuse, trafficking poverty face endarino save chesthuna ee dynamic officer ni West Bengal government appreciate chesindi kuda.

6. Atul Kulkarni – IPS

Civil Servants And Their Initiatives

ASP Atul Kulkarni – police station ki vacchi complaint cheyaleni common man kosam ee officer ki oka thought vachindi. Adi enti ante police ea public daggariki vellada, ala ee initiate dwara he tackled critical issues such as drug abuse, sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Bharosa Cell ane inko initiate dwara kuda ee officer, every saturday public tho meetups conduct chesi different issues ni address chesi vatiki solutions ivadam lantivi chesaru.

7. Renu Raj – IAS

Civil Servants And Their Initiatives

Firebrand officer from Kerala, Renu Raj care and concern towards homeless Senior citizens won many hearts. Yes, homeless and abandoned senior citizens ni save cheyadam variki oldage homes lo join cheyadam lantivi ea kakunda huge medical camps dwara almost 2,000 senior citizens; treatment was given on the spot, and 250 free surgeries were conducted by this officer.

8. Krishna Teja – IAS

Civil Servants And Their Initiatives

Krishna Teja, celebrity figure in Kerala for mammoth rescue operation during Kerala floods. In which he saved the lives of nearly 2.5 lakhs people and 12000 cattle during monstrous floods in August this year.

IAS officer ni assalu nirvachanam cheputunna ee officers andariki oka salute.