8 Foods That You Should Avoid Eating Before Boarding A Flight

Long weekends, ela yenni holidays ochina we all tend to plan for a long trip or short trip. Trips mana daily regular life lo oka china break laga untundi. Ee trips planning manam min one week to one-month mundhu nunchey prepare avuthu untam. Yelanti clothes carry cheyali, what kind of footwear, snacks ani ela Chala untai packing lo. Kani mee destination ni reaches aavali antey main ga meeru journey cheyali,

ee journey just flights inka train booking okatey kadhu, you should make sure your body is also fit and fine to travel or board a flight. Chala varaku Manam andharam ee point ni neglect chesi we end up eating a lot of crap which is unnecessary for the body. Travelling time lo konni food items ni avoid chesthey chala manchidi, ela mana body fit ga inka ye discomfort lekunda journey easy ga sagipothundi.


Avoid Eating Before Flying

Protein-rich ee beans body lo gas form chesthundi. Journey motham discomfort ga untundi.

Spicy food:

Avoid Eating Before Flying

Meeku spicy food entha istam unna, flight journey time lo ee food ni avoid cheyadam chala manchidi. Spicy food mana stomach ni upset chesi journey motham discomfort ga untundi.


Avoid Eating Before Flying

Caffeine lo Unna dehydration properties flight journey lo manaki headache inka nausea ochey chances untai.

Red meat:

Avoid Eating Before Flying

red meat digest aavadaniki chala time paduthundi, ela journey chala discomfort feeling untundi.


Avoid Eating Before Flying

Apple mana body ki Chala manchivi kani dintlo unna fibre-rich food digest aavadaniki time paduthundi, ela body bloating inka gas formation avuthundi.

Carbohydrate drinks:

Avoid Eating Before Flying

Gas inka heartburn lanti problems ni avoid cheyali antey carbohydrated drinks ni avoid cheyali.

Fried food :

Avoid Eating Before Flying

fried food lo high sodium content, fat inka oil bloating inka heatburn lanti problems ni increase chesthundi.

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