8 Hyderabad’s famous munchies


Hyderabad has a cuisine of its own. The food we get here is just amazingly authentic. Hyderabad has street food that is way beyond called delicious. If you are just a little hungry or craving for some little food, hog on to any of these things and you’ll feel just more than satisfied.

1. Dil Pasand1-Dil-Pasand
2. Chai and Osmania biscuits2.-Chai-and-Osmania-biscuits
3. Bun-Maska3.-Bun-Maska
4. Dil Kush5-Dil Kush
5. Mirchi Bajji6-Mirchi-Bajji
6. Onion Samosa7-Onion-Samosa
7. Pani Puri8-pani-puri