8 New Age Villains In Telugu Cinema Who Are No Less Than Our Heroes

From the times where Rao Gopal Rao, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rami Reddy were the bad-ass villains in Telugu cinema, we have come now a long way where we now even import villains from other languages to compete with our leading men. From their appearance to ferociousness, the villains have definitely evolved on Telugu cinema. They got hunkier with great bodies and have now come to a stage where some of them even look better than our heroes.

Off-late these villains in Telugu cinema have been impressive and their looks are something to really die for.

Kabir Duhan Singh Villains In Telugu CinemaHarish UttamVillains In Telugu CinemaSampat RajVillains In Telugu CinemaShatruVillains In Telugu Cinema

Arjun VijayVillains In Telugu CinemaJagapathi BabuVillains In Telugu CinemaNikhitin DherVillains In Telugu CinemaRavi KishanVillains In Telugu Cinema

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