8 Prominent actors who played teacher roles in Telugu movies


Mana age old culture nunchi ipativaraku, we worship and respect our teachers. We might hate or love, but definitely ga vallani matram marchipomu. Teachers need not be the ones who teach us in classrooms. They also include those sports masters who teach us beyond subjects. Here a few roles in Telugu films that are definitely memorable

1. Venkatesh in Sundarakanda1. Venkatesh in Sundarakanda
2. Chiranjeevi in Master2 Chiranjeevi in Master
3. Kamalinee Mukherjee in Happy Days3. Kamalinee Mukherjee in Happy Days
4. Sumanth in Golkonda High School4. Sumanth in Golkonda High School
5. Venkatesh in Guru5 Venkatesh in Guru
6. Rajendra Prasad in Onamalu6. Rajendra Prasad in Onamalu
7. Gururaj Manepalli in Happy Days7. Gururaj Manepalli in Happy Days
8. MS Narayana in Pilla Zamindar8. MS Narayanan in Pilla Zamindar