8 Stereotypes Every Student Who Is From Arts Background will Relate To

Mana society lo parents ki just two streams antene pranam and ave manaku life lo upayogapadatayi ani feeling, avi engineering and medicine annamata. Avi tappa e group tesukuna, either manaku cheta kaka or asalu chavadam istam leka life lo oka goal ledu anukunatu chustaru. So, ivala asalu B tech and medicine kakunda, arts group students kosam e article. The things they just tired of hearing in their life.

1. Enduku arts group tesukunav? Neku manchi marks vachayi kada?Arts BackgroundAvunu nakoka doubt, manchi percentage vaste. Asalu arts group ni oka stream lagane chudaru annamata.

2. Ekuva marks ranavasaram ledu and easy ga pass apotavu ani tesukunavu kada?Arts Background

Like seriously? Anni groups lagane memu kuda chadavali and we need to get good marks.

3. Asalu me parents ela oppukunaru?Arts Background

Meru B Tech antey ela oppukunaro? Medicine antey ela oppukunaro? same alage memu arts chaduvutam anna oppukunaru. My parents are happy to let me decide my future.

4. Are you not serious about your career?Arts Background

Asalu ela decide chestaru, science and medicine matrame life lo success sadinchagalam ani.

5. So, you wanted to become a teacher?Arts Background

Asalu ela alochistaru, there are a lot of other professions open to arts students. It’s clearly a task for people to understand our career options.

6. Oh, do you like paint and all? Show me your work no?Arts Background

What? Are you kidding? Arts antey only painting anukune me creativity ki dandalu saami.

7. Asalu abbailu arts enduku tesukuntaru?Arts Background

Asalu biggest stereotype ide. Ela tesukuntaru enti? Adi interest meda base avadam valla tesukuntaru tappa, not because of any other option.

8. I think, you don’t like maths?Arts Background

What? I am very good at maths, but don’t like these stereotypes statements. Asalu antha judgemental ela avtaru.

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