8 Things You Relate To If Your Best Friend Is Your Boy Friend


It is true that you are the luckiest person if your best friend is your boyfriend. You will experience some unique things and here are 8 things you experience if your best friend is your boyfriend.

1. Comfort level is too high1.-Comfort-levelThere is no place for awkwardness in your conversations between you and your boyfriend.

2. You can read each other minds and know things without saying2 Things You Relate To If Yo
3. You can’t stay mad at each other for long3.-You-can't-stay
4. You don’t care how you look around him4.-You-don't-care
5. You are everyone’s favorite couple5.-You-are-everyone's
6. You play pranks and tease each other the most. You are not even afraid of making fun of each other6.-You-play-pranks
7. You always say true to each other7.-You-always-say-true
8. You know the best and worst of each other8.-You-know-the-best