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8 Things that every girl who is extremely close to their mothers will relate to


Manam chinnapatnunchi ipatvaraku entho mandi ni kalustham. But mana family tho unantha happy ga evartho undalemu. There is a common teaming done in our houses, Mother-son and father-daughter. Kani there are girls who consider their mothers the most admirable person ee world lo. Here is what they will totally agree to.

1. From school to college, roju em jarigindo amma tho share cheyyakunda day complete kaadu.1. From school to college
2. Manaki enni problems ochina kuda, we know that our mothers will help us come out of it.
3. We sit and laugh off together for the silliest jokes also.
4. Our mothers understand our feelings even when we do not utter a word.
5. If there is a new place in the city, the first person that comes to your mind to go there is your mother.
6. Manaki eh secret unna kuda amma tho ne share cheyyalanipisthadi.
7. Mother ki and thana opinion ki value isthamu and ivvali ani andarki cheptham.
8. When anything good happens in our lives, we call our mothers first.

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