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8 Things You Can Surely Relate To, If You Hate Rains


Undoubtedly, the monsoon is one of the best. It is also called the season of love and romance. Just imagine a hot cup of chai, your favourite novel, and rain outside. Wah…Isn’t it seems a perfect day? But you know, there are few people, who really hate rains. Yes, it is true. So, today, we are listing the things that every monsoon hater relate to.

1. You hate rains because it takes a long time to dry your clothes.

2. Almost everything smells disgusting and pungent at your house as well as outside.

3. How hard you try, but at the end of the day, the mud on the roads never fails to spoil your favourite shoes.

4. Travelling is definitely a pain and that of public transport. Grrr!

5. Your new clothes definitely will get wet in the end and this annoys the hell out of you.

6. A big no to outdoor plans.

7. Car driving is one of the hardest things and if it gets repaired then it is definitely a big pain in the ass during rains.

8. Though you start early, you cannot reach the destination on time.

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