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13 Indian Celebrities Who Run Their Own Clothing Merchandise


Being Human, SEVEN, Yuvraj Singh, HRX, All About You, Baby oye, ee brand names chadvaganey meeku strike aiyyi untundi matter ento. Ee list antha mana indian actors and celebrities own cloth and apparel brands. Mana celebrities vari vari profession lo entha busy ga unna vari taste and fashion industry mida ishtam tho tamakantu oka cloth and fashion brands startups chesaru.

Ee cloth brand initiation kondaru only full fledged ga business la runc chestey inka kondaru emo indulo vacche profits kontha mottham social service and cause kosam use chesthunnaru.Ee cloth brand business ekkuvaga Bollywood and Cricketers chestuntaru inka inka Tollywood and south India lo ee trend inka start avvaledu ani cheppali.

But for the first time ippudu ee list lo Tollywood nundi young hero Vijay Deverakonda kuda add avthunnaru. Yes couple of days nundi Vijay already tana social accounts dwara Rowdy (www.rowdyclub.in) aney cloth brand startup ki sambandinchi chesthunna shirtless promotions hulchul meeru chusey untaru.

So Okasari celebrities and their cloth brand merchandise labels list ento okasari chuseyandi…

1. Salman Khan – Being Human.

Indian Celebrities Own Clothing Merchandise

About a decade back antey 2007 lo Being Human Foundation (BHF) ni start chesadu Salman Khan. Being Human ni non-profit charitable trust ga register cheyinchi dani dwara, poor people, ki financial support for healthcare and primary education ni andindhadu. But 2009 lo Being Human clothing brand nundi T-shirts and other apparel products ni Katrin Kaif tho kalisi ramp walk chesthu start chesadu sallu bhai. Dini nundi vacche profits max social service ki use chestuntadu salman.

2. Yuvraj Singh – YOUWECAN

Manchi form lo unna Yuvi career okkasariga cancer disease tho dull aipoindi. But yuvi anni odds ni face chesi cancer ni jayinchadu. Cancer treatment jarguthunna time lo vacchina thought YOUWECAN ga startup aiyyindi ippudu ee brand nundi vasthunna profits yuvi cancer patients kosam use chesthunnadu.

3. MS Dhoni – SEVEN

MS Dhoni last july 2017 lo SEVEN aney fiteness apparels and lifestyle clothing brand start chesadu. Tana date of birth (7 July) and jersey number luck ni continue chesthu start chesina ee SEVEN brand ippudu succesful ga run chesthunnadu dhoni.

4. Deepika Padukone – All About You.

Lady superstar Deepika Padukone ki All About You, ane online fashion cloth brand undi. This label have different women wear collections in online portals like Myntra and Flipkart.

5. Virat Kohli – Wrogn

Virat Kohli aggressive captain always impresses cricket audience with his performance and bold attitude in the ground. Same tana bold and aggressive attitude clothes ki adopt chesthu Wrogn ane cloth brand okati start chesadu.

6. Hrithik Roshan – HRX

HRX – is a lifestyle, fitness and fashion brand founded by Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan in 2013. HRX main products are fitness apparels like shoes, tracks, and other gymwear, ee brand successful ga run avthundi and Hrithik wants HRX to make 500 crore turnover by the end of 2020.

7. Shahid Kapoor – SKULT

Amazon India and Shahid Kapoor kalisi launch chesina brand cloth brand SKULT. SKULT has introduced some new categories to the Indian market for example, the thumb holes, drop shoulder jackets, scooped hem tees, long line tees with reasonable prices.

8. Jacqueline Fernandez – JUST F.

Current Bollywood lo leading heroine Jacqueline Fernandez. Ee heroine general ga fitness freak eppudu tana workout videos social media lo share chestuntadi. So ala ee heroine JUST F ane gym apparels like shorts, sports bras, tops, skirts, track-suits sweatshirts, jackets etc products business recent ga launch chesindi.

9. Karisma Kapoor – Baby Oye

Late 80 and 90’s lady heroine Ji famous Babyoye online retail business lo 26% shares unnai. Babyoye.com, is an ecommerce startup specialising in selling infant- and mother-care products etc.

10. Vijay Deverakonda – Rowdy

Arjun Reddy lanti film tho overnight star aipoina ee young sensational hero, first-time cloth merchandise ROWDy(WWW.ROWDYCLUB.IN) tho south lo ee trend start chesadu.

11. Puri-Charmi – Be Ismart
Recent ga Ismart Shankar tho hit kottina Puri idhe movie lo Ismart ni choose chesukuni  Be Ismart clothing brand Ni launch chesadu.
12. Mahesh Babu – The HuMBl Co
Recent ga Mahesh tana FB and Twitter accounts dwara ‘The HuMBl Co’ Ane clothing brand Ni start chestunattu announce chesadu. Ee brand name lo ‘MB’ ani undela plan chesaru.
12. Allu Arjun – STAAR (not officially launched yet)
Vijay, Mahesh lane mana stylish star kuda tana own clothing brand ‘Staar’ ni launch chestuntaru anta. Ee clothing brand lo Bunny kuda ‘AA’ ani include aiyye la plan chesadu. 

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