8 Things You Should Do Before Turning 30


Ipudunna situation lo janalu 70 years and 80 years batakadame kastam, because of pollution and health habits. Okasari apoyina vayasu and kaalam tirigiradu. So, here we are sharing few things one should do before turning 30.

1. Travel as much as you can. Kotta pradesalu explore cheyadam and kotta culture ni nerchukodam. Ivi job kante chala important vi.1 - Sharawanad

2. Negative people ni asalu life nundi teeseyali. Unnade chinna jeevitam malli dantlo negativity enduku cheppu.2 - 100 Love

3. Read a lot. Books will give a lot of knowledge that you definitely need when you are a youngster.3 - TeenMaar

4. Katchitamga weekly five times anna exercise cheyali and it will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.4 - Rana Dagubatti

5. Try to handle all the finances like your mother did.5 - Sai Pallavi

6. Learn basic cooking.6 - Varu Tej

7. Meet a lot of new people.7 - nani

8. Learn to take criticism. 30’s tarvata it will definitely help you.8 - Ravi Teja