9 Breakfast Chutneys That Every South-Indian Is Obsessed With!

There are several misconceptions when it comes to South Indian cuisine and food culture. Most people relate the southern food to just idlies or dosas. But, the cuisine down south is so much more than just that. The cuisines are varied and there is a lot of fusion of flavours going on.
But, there is one thing, which no one can deny is our love for the humble chutneys. Be it idly, dosa, or uttapam, we just cannot do without our chutneys or pacchadis.
Here are the 9 breakfast-chutneys that all the South-Indians love.

1.Coconut Chutney

1 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TryCoconut Chutney or Kobbari Pacchadi is made with coconuts and is staple chutney in the south. It is frequently made in almost all the households and has to be one of our chutneys.

2.Allam Chutney

2 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TryAllam Chutney is typically made with grinding ginger and several spices together. It has spicy and sweet flavours to it. It goes great with Idlies and kids especially love it, for its unique flavours.

3.Tomato-Coriander Chutney

3 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TrySpicy and flavourful, Tomato and coriander chutney is a star of all. Tomatoes, coriander leaves, green chilles and ground together and then the paste is tempered with spices. It goes with almost every breakfast item.

4.Dosakaya Chutney

4 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TryHave you ever tried chutney made with cucumbers? Give us South Indians any vegetable and we will make a chutney out of it. Dosakaya or Cucumber chutney is made with urad dal, cucumbers and spices, all ground to a nice paste.

5.Groundnut Chutney

5 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TryGroundnut or Palli chutney is a classic. It is our go-to chutney and is also perhaps the easiest to make. Roasted peanuts and green chillies are ground to make a delicious chutney and are then tempered with spices.

6.Red Chilli Chutney

6 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TryRed Chilli chutney or Pandu Mirchi Pacchadi is an absolute delight for those who love spicy food. The chutney is made with red chillies and is often eaten with ghee or clarified butter.

7.Onion Chutney

7 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TryOnion Chutney or Ulli Pacchadi is ideal for dosas. Made with urad dal, onions, spices and some jaggery, the chutney has a sweet-sour flavour going on. Ulli pachhadi is usually made during festivals or during some functions/events.

8.Tamarind Chutney

8 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TryTamarind chutney or Imli ki chutney is one of its kind. It has a hint of dry ginger powder and jaggery in it, giving it a sweet and tangy flavour. In the south, it is often made with breakfasts but it is also equally popular in the north too. They use it to make chats and sauces for snacks.

9.Coriander Chutney

9 Breakfast Chutneys You Must TryCoriander chutney or Kothimeera Pacchadi is made with fresh coriander leaves. It is spiced with green chillies and for a tangy flavour mint or pudina leaves are also used. A pinch of rock salt is also added to this to give it its chatpata flavour. Not just with idlis or dosas, coriander chutney is also great for stuffing sandwiches or eat munchies with.

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