9 Foods that are bad for your health


Junk food mana kalla mundhu untey dhani ignore cheyalem. Pakka one spoon , two spoons or one byte or two bytes ani moham finish chestham. Regular food kanna junk food lo yekuva calories untai, ee calories daily basis’s pyna burn cheyali antey chala time paduthundi. Normal food lo oil , cheese inka verey fat ingredients thakuvaga untai when compared to junk food. Roju junk food ni consume chesthey body lo unna bad cholestrol levels perege chala health issuses osthai. Yekuvaga ee junk food avoid chesthey chala manchidi. Ee junk food kids regular basis pyna eevandam kuda thakuva cheyali. Kids growing age lo perfect balaced diet inka nutritional values unna food eevali.

1.Fried chickenjunk food2.French fries junk food3.Soft drinks junk food4.Donuts junk food5.Pizza junk food6.Cake junk food7.Cheese Burger junk food8.Beer8 most unhealhty junk food we keep eating9.Chocolates 9 most unhealhty junk food we keep eating