9 Movie Theater Snacks From Around the World And Popcorn Isn’t Included..!!


And Here I was thinking that the three flavors of Popcorn, offered at the refreshment stall was a huge deal in itself. ( Between you and me, I always run out of the popcorn tub before the mid way point ).  But then World nations don’t really stick to only Popcorn so to speak. Audience world wide have a wide range of tasteful preferences while inside the movie hall. And it ranges from Fried Ants and Reindeer Meat to probably anything that any wild foodie mind can cook up…

IWASHI SENBEITheater patrons in Japan crunch on iwashi senbei, or dried sardines. The small fish are baked whole in soy sauce and sugar, and topped with sesame seeds, giving the sardines a sweet and savory umami flavor.

ROASTED ANTSLooking for a crunchy alternative to popcorn? At the movies in Colombia, people munch on roasted ants known as hormiga culona. The snack is eaten like a peanut and is considered an aphrodisiac—just in case you’re looking to send a certain message to your date.

DRIED REINDEER MEATThere’s a fitting snack option for audiences at the drive-in theater for snowmobiles in Kautokeino, Norway: low-fat, protein-rich dried reindeer meat.

SOUVLAKITraditional lamb or beef souvlaki, a street food staple, can be purchased at some of Greece’s beloved outdoor cinemas.

DRIED CUTTLEFISHAt South Korean concession stands, meaty, savory dried cuttlefish stands in for popcorn. (The chewy snack is incredibly popular in other Asian countries, too.) Another favorite at Korean theaters: roasted chestnuts.

SALTY LICORICESalty licorice is a popular confection at cinemas across the Netherlands. While licorice in the United States is sweet, the Dutch like the treat salted with ammonium chloride, which gives the candy a “tongue-numbing” sensation.

DRIED SALTED PLUMSMany movie theaters in China serve dried salted plums, which are dehydrated, heavily pickled, and salted to give the fruit a tart taste. Sunflower seeds, dried shredded squid, kimchi, prunes, and coconut juice are also concession stand go-tos in Chinese cinemas.

BAJAN FISH CAKESBajan fish cakes (also known as fish balls) are a common street food in Barbados. Made from freshly caught flying fish, Bajan fish cakes are served as a snack at many open-air movie theaters throughout the island. Looking for something to quench your thirst? Pick up a bottle of Banks Beer, a local brew, or a rum-based beverage.

CRISPY SAMOSASIn India, moviegoers can tuck into samosas while watching the very best Bollywood has to offer. If you can’t make it to South Asia, some Bollywood theaters in the United States also serve crispy samosas, along with standard American movie fare. Also popular at Indian theaters: Chutney and cheese sandwiches and vada pav, potato fritters in a bread bun.

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