9 Movies Of Pawan Kalyan That Never Materialized & Were Shelved

Pawan Kalyan dream project Satyagrahi, ee film posters, ee film announcement anni appatlo youth lo fire generate chesaayi. But unfortunately Power Star never shot this movie. Ide vidam ga chala projects Powerstar tho announce chesi for some unknown reasons aa films aagipoyayi. Konni aagipovadam manchide anipinchai mari konni release ayyi unte Power Star career lo milestones ga nilichi undevi confirm ga irrespective of the box-office result. So today let’s take at look at the 9 films of Power Star that never materialized, or shelved.

1. Cheppalani Undi

Ee Cheppalani Undi movie ne taruvatha kaalam lo Nuvve Kavali ga marindi. First aa katha tho Pawan Kalyan and Amisa Patel petti tiddam anukunnaru…

2. Prince of Peace

The story of Jesus Christ from his birth, his death and resurrection.

Singeetham gari direction lo Pawan Kalyan Jesus Christ ga, aa time lo ee film ki anukunna budget ki ee film ye appatiki the costliest Indian film. Israel lo locations chudadaniki kuda vellaru but producer sudden ga back out avvadam tho ee cinema aagipoindi antaru but we never knew what are the real reasons behind this film getting never made.

3. Satyagrahi

“A political film inspired by Loknayak ‘Jayaprakash Narayan’s ‘ Emergency movement in the contemporary times. Did the film opening in 2003( I think) and shelved it to do it in real life. It’s more satisfying to walk the talk rather than to act it out in a film.”

Ee paina vidam ga Power Star tweet vesaru Satyagrahi gurinchi. Ee film vachi unte bagundedi andaru ee film kosam eager ga wait chesaru appatlo…

4. A film with Raghava Lawrence

Inka Raghava Lawrence Power Star kosam oka powerful cop story ready chesadu and Lawrence appatlo ee cinema chestam ani kuda cheppadu but Power Star nunchi green signal raledu.

5. Kobali

Trivikram direction lo Rayalseema backdrop lo ee film teestaru ani appatlo baga charcha jarigedi but ee film gurinchi eppudu official ga ey info baitaki raledu.

6. Pawan Kalyan – V.V Vinayak

Vinayak & PK combo lo mass entertainter raavalsindi but for some various reasons aa movie start kuda kaledhu

7. Deshi

Deshi ane oka patriotic film kuda Powerstar cheyyalsindi but again this film never got materialized.

8. Pawan Kalyan – SJ Suryah

Kushi, Puli movie third colloboration idhi, but SJ Suryah ki ade time lo Spyder movie lo villain role chance raavadam tho ee cinema pattalu ekkaledu

9. Missed/Rejected

Pokiri, Idiot, Amma Nanna Tamil Ammayi, Athadu lanti fantastic films ni Pawan Kalyan ok cheyyaledu, whatever the reasons might be…

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