9 things definitely found in every Sekhar Kamula’s film


Sekhar Kamula’s films anni kuda mana daily lives ki and mana natural selves ki touching ga untay. Athanu use chese stories, characters, locations are so next door. Athani movies lo konni common things untay that we absolutely fall in love with.

1. Sun rise or Sunset that is shown marvelously beautiful1. Sun rise or Sunset
2. One friend who rocks the Telangana accent.2. One friend
3. Heroine ki chaala shades untay. She is strong yet emotional, brave yet shy.3. Heroine ki chaala
4. Telivi kaaripoye antha unde oka friend.4. Telivi kaaripoye
5. The female leads are so traditionally beautiful in any attire she is in.5.The female leads
6. One saree scene aithe tappakunda undali boss.6. One saree scene aithe
7. Oka rich and stubborn guy pakka untadu.7. Oka rich and stubborn
8. Really lovely romantic conversations and scenes that are so simple and beautiful8. Really lovely romantic conversations
9. Lovely long hair of those ladies.9. Lovely long hair