9 Things every dark complexioned girl are damn tired of listen to!


Complexion isn’t a trait that judges a person, especially a girl. There are certain people and vaallu mana intlo kuda kanipistharu who think being fair is everything and fair lekapothe it is the biggest mistake of our lives. So dark unte..samskaram poindi ani and similar sutti maatalu chepthu untaru. Yes, we all are tired of listening to that.

Here is our take on the statements that dusky girls are tired of listening to.

1. Etlaina tellaga levu…at least intlo panulu nerchuko, evaraina pelli cheskuntaru!!dark complexioned girl

2. You are dark and hence light coloured clothes don’t suit you. You are dark and dark coloured clothes don’t get highlighted on you. Inkem eskomantaru andi?!?!dark complexioned girl

3. When some fair friend of ours come, “Vallu em creams, treatments teeskuntaro kannukkooo!”.dark complexioned girl

4. Aa nalla rangu eskoni intha confidence ela osthade neeku asalu?!dark complexioned girl

5. Pelli ayyevaraku do not roam outside. You might get a chance to lighten your tone.dark complexioned girl

6. Boys dark unte em kaadu..kani girls dark undodhu!!!dark complexioned girl

7. Skin lighten chese facials and treatments gurinchi kannukko and chesko!dark complexioned girl

8. Nuvvu dark eh and repu ni pillalu kuda dark eh!dark complexioned girl

9. Entha money earn cheshna kuda complexion white avvadu kada..so stop earning and stay home!dark complexioned girl