9 things only Chocolate Obsessed people will understand


Chocolate is like a best friend. Meru eppudaina dull ga unnappoudu oka chinna chocolate bite theskondi, and it will instantly lifts your mood. Just like our best friends. Anduke loving chocolate is better than anyother relationship in this world. Asalu matladuthunte ne tempting ga undi kada, anduke grab a chocolate bar and check out these addictions only people who are completely obsessed with chocolate understands.

1.Without any break, literally day motham chocolates gurinche alochisthu untam. Its like thinking about our bae.obessed2.Meku theliyakunda intlo evaranna ekkadanna chocolates dachukunna no use, endukante, me chuttu pakkala ekkada chocolates unna meru easy ga kanipettagalugutharu. It’s a gifted talent I say!!!!!obessed3.Mammalni evaru dessert gurinchi adagaru, because everyone knows that our first priority is chocolate.obessed4.Maa birthdays ki chocolate cake place lo inkedaina unte, we literally don’t even celebrate our birthdays. Yes, a true sign of obsession.obessed

5.We absolutely hate sharing our chocolates. And of course, maku anduku elanti guilty kuda undadu.obessed6.We have our own style of eating. And evaraina chustharu, chusthunnaru ani conscious ga kuda feel avvamu.obessed7.Be it ice cream or cake, flavor mathram definite ga chocolate ee undali, untundi kuda. It’s a rule yaa!!7 - ice cream8.Chocolate ni differentiates cheyyadam ante maku chedda chiraku. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate etc etc etc. Chocolate edaina we will enjoy it from our heart. 8 - Choclate9.In short, no relationship in the world is better than the one with chocolates.9 - Best