9 Things people with bad road direction knowledge will understand


Hyderabad lo untu, traffic madhyalo tirguthu, main roads lo dooram velthe avvalsina daani kante oka 2 to 3 times ekva authadi. Ilanti time lo we need to have some knowledge on short cuts and gallis and some understanding about timely traffic. Alanti knowledge leni vaallake ee article ankitham.

1. Google maps lekunda mana phone undadu.1. Google maps

2. Internet deniki on cheyyakapoina, deeniki matram chestham.2. Internet deniki

3. Sometimes google maps pani cheyyakpothe, pakka tappipotham.3. Sometimes google maps

4. Mana tho evaranna osthe, we first ask them, “Route telsa?”4.Mana tho evaranna

5. Evaranna stranger manalni address adgithe, we feel so embarrassed to tell them that we do not know.5.Evaranna stranger manalni

6. Evaranna directions manaki fast ga explain chesthe, confusion tappa em undadu mana face lo.6. Evaranna directions manaki

7. We are so jealous of people who know all the possible routes.7.We are so jealous

8. Edaina party kottha place lo unte, people know you will be late not knowing the directions.8. Edaina party kottha place

9. We prefer to believe GPS rather than people who give us confusing directions.9.We prefer to believe