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9 Ways you can make sure to be early off the bed


Podunna levalante oka 10 alarms petkoni playing alarm ni snooze chesi chesi champesi, mothaniki levakunda alage padkuntaru. Ee morning problems valla we miss to meet a lot of works and schedules. So here are a few ways you can get rid of this.

1. Place your phone far off your bed and alarm ring ainapudu you have to get up.1. Place your phone far offf2. Alarm ring ainapudu, make sure to be out of your bed. Bed meeda unantha time you will feel like sleeping.3. Even after coming off your bed, the first thing to do is wash your face. Sleepiness mottham pothadi.4. Window ekkada aina open pettuko so that bayata vacche sunrise kanpistundi.5. First thing after you wake up, meeku nacchina Pani chesela plan cheyyandi6. Mee friend ni kuda Ade time ki levamanandi and plan to do something together. It gives us a boost to wake up.7. Settings lo turn the snooze off.8. Drink water immediately.9. Previous night alcohol prevent cheyyandi

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