Few Things All 90s Kids Who Grew Up In Hyderabad Can Relate To

Few Things All 90s Kids Who Grew Up In Hyderabad Can Relate To

Hyderabad is the place where most of our dreams become reality. Today, we are going to the 90s Hyderabad when we were kids and the days that make those 90s and Hyderabad more beautiful and emotional.

1. Remember traveling from Secunderabad to Panjagutta in a Double Decker bus. The moment we step into the Double Decker bus, we ran to the upper deck

2. All the 90s kids from Begumpet, learned cycling at the lanes near Chikoti

3. Remember PrimeTime, it was so special back then. The ball pool, electric cars, everything about Prime Time was a dream. Our parents used to say get good marks, then we can go to Prime Time

4. Remember, the 2 rupees snacks with song lyrics on them

5. And we all miss those DVD stores, which were present on every street on those days. We used to go with our parents to pick out movie DVDs to watch. And then return them after 2-3 days

6. And the Bandis at the school who used to sell Shaktiman, Raju Rani, and Aam Chur

7. The old hi-tech city with only rocks and hills

8. Remember the Hukka Parlour near Thirumalgiri.

9. And at the beginning of the new millennium, Y2K, the year 2000, the new year party was celebrated on the streets

Comment down your memories from the 90s Hyderabad…

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