Eat Like A Nawab At These Places In Old City Charminar

Hyderabad’s Old City is famous for its food and is a food lover’s paradise. Itis full of unassuming road-side shops with delicious foodsand some of the oldest and most famous restaurants in the town, old city is famous for its delicious kebabs, biscuits, biryanis, and much more. The street food scene in this part of the city showcases that unique blend of Mughlai and Andhra influences. Whether you are looking for early breakfast or the midnight cravings, this part of the town has it all.We have made a list of some of the best food places which you must visit if you are in this part of the town, let’s get started.

Shah Ghouse

Best Food Places In Old CityThough Shah Ghouse has 3 outlets in the city, the one in the old city is the oldest and most famous, the place is world famous for its Irani chai and this café has something to offer you whether you drop by for breakfast or lunch or dinner. If you are looking for breakfast, you can enjoy a plate of delicious Khichdi with Keema and Khatta, or a couple of pieces of Char-Koni Naan with Paaya. If you are looking to have lunch here, then their Biryani is some of the best that you will taste in the city, as so is their Haleem.

Hotel Shadab

Best Food Places In Old CityHotel Shadab is a famous restaurant, the place is known for its Mutton Biryani, which is considered as some of the best in the city. Though the place is famous for its biryani, there are many other dishes which are delicious too, for example their Malai Kebabs, Pakistani Chicken, and Falooda, to name a few. If you are visiting Shadab on a Friday, be sure to eat their specials like Shikampur, Kofta Biryani, and Bagara Khana with Dalcha.

Akbar Fast Food Centre

Best Food Places In Old CityThis fast food corner is located right beside Mecca Masjid, they serve some of the most delicious meaty treats, which are prepared in an authentic manner, make sure that you try out their Chicken 65, cause nobody does it better than them. Their well-marinated Chicken 65 is best paired with the Warqi Paratha. You can also try out their Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani, the place remains open beyond midnight, making it the perfect stop for your midnight cravings.

Govind Dosa

Best Food Places In Old CityLooking for some bandi-style dosa? Then Govind Dosa should be on the top of your list, Govind Dosa is a popular choice, the filling of the dosa here is different from the usual potato stuffing, instead there’s loads and loads of butter , Upma and a tomato-onion-coriander mixture spiced with gunpowder. Govind sets up his stall before sunrise and sells out by eleven in the morning.

Nimrah Bakery

Best Food Places In Old CityThis café is a popular spot because it located right next to the charminar, and you can get amzing pictures for your instagram while visiting the place, the place is famous for its irani chai and Osmania biscuits, The biscuits at Nimrah are baked in a wood-fired oven, if you love sweet, make sure that you try out their Khade Chammach Wali Chai.

Hotel Rumaan

6 Best Food Places In Old CityHotel Rumaan sells some of the best tea in the town; the hotel has two outlets, one in old city and the other in Towlichowki. While visiting the place, make sure that you try out their Beef Biryani and Tala Hua Gosht (Beef). And if you are around during the month of Ramzan, they also serve beef haleem. The place always crows, so you’ll have to wait for a while to get a table here.


Best Food Places In Old CityLooking for some Kebab in old city, then you must visit Kebab-E-Jahangiri, This small kebab joint occupies a small room in one of the gates just ahead of Charminar, the Sheekh Kebab (beef) and Tala Hua Gosht (beef) with Warqi Paratha is a must try here. The place is cost efficient as just a plate of Sheekh with a couple of Parathas is enough to be a full meal and will cost less than a hundred bucks.


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