A Newly Married Couple End Life After Taking A Selfie On Tirumala..!!

A young couple posed for selfies before committing suicide at Rambageecha guest house in the temple town of Tirumala. The incident came to light on Tuesday after the TTD security staff alerted the police.

The couple, identified as Sampath Kumar and Satya Vani, hailed from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. They checked into Room No. 384 of the TTD guest house three days ago. The TTD sanitary staff grew suspicious after they did not get response from the couple when they knocked on the door for cleaning the room.


The incident came into light on Tuesday when the on-duty health staff failed to receive any response from within the suit despite their repeated knockings on the doors. The staff who grew suspicious immediately alerted their higher-ups who in turn informed the police who broke open the doors which were locked from inside only to find the couple hanging dead. The deceased couple had identified themselves as Sampath Kumar and Satyavani from Coimbatore, according to the information provided by them during their time of occupying the suit.

Police recovered their mobiles, which had the selfies taken before the couple took the extreme step. The couple had also left a video message but did not name the people responsible for their suicide.

According to reports, Sampath had divorced his wife and later proposed to marry Satya Vani, who was her close relative. Their families did not agree to the proposal. Sampath and Satya Vani got married at Tirumala before they ended their lives.

Local police inspector Vijay Sekhar registered a case and launched an investigation. Police informed the relatives in Coimbatore. The reason for the suicide is not known. However, police suspect that opposition to their marriage from their families may have forced the couple to commit suicide.mahatall_filmy

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