A.R. Rahman releases video of music score for ‘Pele: Birth of a Legend’

Allah Rakha Rahman, better known as A.R. Rahman, has had his genuis extolled with regards to composing, song-writing and philanthrophy. Now, in a first for the music legend, the 49-year-old who has had his aural creations impact lives of many a music aficionado, from India as well as many other regions in the world, could be about to penetrate the Latin Americas, especially Brazil, with his latest project.

He had been roped in to provide the score for the biography on Brazilian and global football legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as simply Pele. Christened eponymously “Pelé: Birth of a Legend”, the Mozart of Madras has released a video on Facebook and provides a preview to what his fans in countries where the movie hasn’t yet been released can expect from his latest venture that has a distinct Brazilian edge to it.

Already viewed over 400,000 times and liked by over 21000 people, the Indian icon states, “Doing music for a legend doesn’t happen everyday. We’re talking about Pele, who’s inspired millions of people, not just sportsmen, but individuals as well by the power of humanity.”

The two-time Academy and Grammy award winner is decked out in ‘Brasil’ labelled apparel in the short sequence.

You can catch the video in the link provided below. The movie has already been released in the United States of America on May 6th, 2016.

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