A ‘Star Maker’ : Satyanand And His Students


Lanka Satyanand is also known as a ‘Star Maker’ who has been the acting guru to many of our matinee idols.

He entered films as an assistant director to Jandhyala for the film Mallepandiri and had worked for about half a dozen movies as the assistant director and co-director. It was during this period that Megastar Chiranjeevi entrusted to him the job of training his younger brother, Pawan Kalyan. Later, that was followed by director Raghavendra Rao seeking the moulding of actor Mahesh Babu into a star. So far he has trained 74 heroes and six heroines. Also, 17 television actors and 20 character artists who he taught made a mark.

Have a look on some of his famous students

  1. Pawan Kalyansatyanand
  2. Sai Dharam tejsatyanand
  3. Jayam Ravisatyanand
  4. Ramsatyanand
  5. Sai ram Shankersatyanand
  6. Ravi tejasatyanand
  7. Prabhassatyanand
  8. MaheshBabusatyanand
  9. Varun tejsatyanand
  10. Aadi101 - aadhi