“A Strict No-No to Dowry!” Hyderabad Youth Opens up on practicing it


Marriage is an invaluable bond between two souls. But beginning that bond with dowry is like living on a contract. This idiotic practice of taking dowry from the bride’s family has resulted in degrade of the marriage system in India. Though it is practiced as a ritual and considered a responsibility from the girl’s side, taking and giving dowry is a criminal offence. Even in this 21st century, where people are more educated, there have been many instances where dowry is still in practice. Even the learnt people, who are in a well settled position have been demanding dowry as their right and there have been many domestic violence cases only because of this issue.

First of all, if you think taking dowry from bride’s family would give you respect, no it is not. You are being sold as an asset. So keep your chauvinist mentality aside. Secondly, your daughter is not something you would trade for, she is your responsibility. She is not less than the son/son-in-law but equal to them or in fact more important than him. Marriage should be a connection between two equal humans but not a monetary pact.

Taking this as the issue, ‘Namaste Yo’ has done a social review on it. The people have given a strictly negative response on the aspect of taking dowry. The people have been creating some social awareness on taking dowry and the gen next have strict policy against taking it. This video shows some really interesting views of youth voicing the idea.

Do watch it here: