This Write-Up Beautifully Explains How ‘కలర్ ఫోటో’ Addressed Various Mental & Social Issues

My widowed daughter-in-law is going to remarry. How can I convince her to remember my son?

Idi ‘Quora’ loni oka question deeniki answer ga ‘Srinath Nalluri‘ garu oka answer icharu ‘Colour Photo’ movie ni example ga istu… And eena ichina answer is one of the most beautiful thing I have read in a long time…And ee answer kinda comments kunda anthe beautiful…

This is Srinath Nalluri’s wonderful answer…

Let me tell you a story.

The recent film ‘Colour Photo’ is essentially about a guy and girl who fall in love with each other during their college days. However, the girl’s family disapproves it.

When they realise they are not strong enough to fight them, they decide to die together.

Both consume poison. Gif Maker (11)The guy dies. While the girl is saved by her brother, who arrives there on time.

Post recovery, she is forcibly married to a guy in US. He, fortunately being very understanding and empathetic, takes good care of her and gives her time to recover from PTSD. She starts liking his company and falls for him.

The film ends with her being pregnant, full of happiness and peace, hugging her husband lovingly and showing the painting of her boyfriend she had completed. Gif Maker (12)While the film got great critical reception, there were some who were not happy with this last scene. There were quite a few posts and comments on Instagram

– Boys are ready to give up their lives for their love, while girls just forget everything so quickly.

– How could she be happy with another guy?

– Girls take long time to fall in love, but so short time to move on.

So how should that have last scene have been to make them happy?

Maybe the girl kneeling on the floor and crying endlessly for her dead lover; Or going to depression; Or staying silent with her husband; Or killing herself?

This is one of the pathetic ways of calibrating the love for a dead person.

Expecting a person to not to be happy or cheerful just because her love had died and wanting her to keep thinking about him and cry is sadistic and inhuman.

People need to realise that one needn’t cry and suffer all her life just to prove that she intensely loved her guy. She doesn’t need to ‘show’ the society through their lifestyle that she is sad for the loss.

This baloney was what people did some decades ago—forcing the widows to wear non-colourful non-design clothes, tonsure their heads, to be on a bland diet devoid of onions, garlic and spices. It’s high time since we have moved on from all those public showcase of ‘remembrances & regrets’.

It is perfectly normal if someone just forgets instantly and move on swiftly. They believe life is too short to be wasted on heartbreak and put efforts to get out of a depressing situation as fast as possible.

Your daughter-in-law would have loved her school a lot. But, did she not move on to her college life when the time had come?

She would have had to leave her close friends and move to a different place for career. Did she stop her journey for them?

Your son is just like that. A completed chapter and a beautiful memory (assuming he has been good to her).

She moved on to next. She might feel like revisiting it occasionally or not. It is all upto her.

The best thing for you to do now is let her deal with her memories and thoughts.

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