7 Years As Spy In Pak To NSA Of India, This Journey Of Ajith Doval Proves He Is The Real Life James Bond

Then Uri surgical strike and Now LoC surgical strike, first surgical strike Indian Army lead chesi without casualties complete chesindi. Ika Pulwama attack ki revenge ga recent ga jarigina second surgical strike ni Indian Air Force ekanga ee sari Line of Control cross chesi Pok (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) lo unna Jaish terrorist camps mida attack chesi Pulwama martyrs ki perfect tribute icharu.

Ee two surgical strikes intha pakka ga plan chesi execute chesindi mana Indian Army and Indian Air Force eh aina viti venaka unna assalu mastermind matram Oke okkadu. Aa okkade ee Surgical Strike plans thought ni first Prime Minister Narendra Modi tho cheppadu. Ee okkade Pakistan lo 7 years undercover agent ga mana Nation kosam work chesadu, ee okkade 2014 lo Iraq lo trap aina 46 Indian nurses ni safe ga India ki tisukavacchadu ila chepukunte pothe ithani mida oka biopic eh tiyocchu inthaki evara aa okkadu ane kada mee doubt.

He’s none other than ‘Kirti ChakraAjit Doval who’s a synonym of bravery and mastermind.

2014 nundi Indian Government lo ‘National Security Advisor’ ga work chestunna Ajit Doval ee surgical strikes venaka unna asalu mastermind. In fact URI attack taruvatha surgical strike ane oka military operation ni Narendra Modi ki suggest chesindi kuda Ajit Doval eh.

Pakistan ki and Pak based terrorist organisations ki counter attack ivvadam lo key role play chesina ee mastermind Ajit Doval normal military officer son nundi National Security Advisor ga edigaru.

Normal military officer son nundi ee roju National Security Advisor ga athani journey ento okasari chuseddam.

1. Born in 1945

Uttarakhand lo unna Ghiri Banelsyun ane village lo Indian Army officer family lo puttadu Doval. Rajasthan lo unna Ajmer Military school lo primary education complete chesaru Doval.

Kirti Chakra Ajit Doval

2. Graduated in 1967 and joined the IPS in 1968 in the Kerala cadre

University of Agra nundi Economics lo master’s complete chesi aa taruvatha 1968 lo IPS lo join aina Doval, next he actively involved in anti-insurgency operations in Mizoram and Punjab.

3. Played A Major role in ‘Operation Black Thunder in Punjab’

Late 80’s lo Amritsar lo unna Golden Temple lo Khalistani militants chesthunna violence ni control chesi aa militants andarini surrender aiyye la masterplan vesadu.

Kirti Chakra Ajit Doval

4. From 1971- 199 he terminated all the 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft

With his mastermind, intellectual and negotiating skills he saved number of people from hijackers and terminated almost 15+ flight hijacks between 1971- 199.

5. Played a pivotal role in the release of passengers from IC-814 Flight in Kandahar in 1999

Kirti Chakra Ajit Doval

1999 lo Kandahar Flight hijack incident jarginappudu he was one of the three negotiators who negotiated the release of the IC-814 passengers. And he successfully led the operation and freed passengers from the flight safely.

6. Spent 7 years in Pakistan, Lahore as a Spy agent for a secret mission

Pakistan lo oka Indian Soldier oopiri pilchadame kastamante, aa country lo undercover spy ga velli akkada 7 years undi, secret ga mana indian agencies ki enno important infos icharu.

7. He then worked in Pakistan but for our nation

Undercover agent ga 7 years work chesina taruvatha, Pak lone unna Islamabad lo Indian High Commission lo 6 years work chesaru.

8. He returned to India in 1990 for emergency in Jammu & Kashmir

1990 lo Jammu & Kashmir election time lo Kuka Parry and militants elections ki oppose chesi violence create chesaru. Ee militants andarini insurgents ga bandi chesi aa elections peaceful ga jaragadam lo key role play chesaru Doval.

Kirti Chakra Ajit Doval

9. In 2014, saved lives of 46 Indian nurses who trapped in a Iraq hospital in 2014

2014 lo Irap hospital lo work chesthunna 46 Indian nurses ni ISIS terrorists kidnap chesaru. Aa time lo malli tana intelligence and mastermind skills tho top secret mission ni handle chesi aa 46 nurses ni safe ga valla hometown kerala ki tiskaravadam lo key role play chesadu.

10. And now he became a proud son of the soil after two surgical strikes

Kirti Chakra Ajit Doval

Eppudu terrorist attack aina just condolences matrame cheppe mana Indian Government ki surgical strike ane oka new military operation introduce chesi indian Army, Indian Air Forces tho surgical strikes cheyinchi nation mottham proud ga feeli aiyye la chesaru Doval.

11. In 1988, Doval was granted one of the highest gallantry awards, the Kirti Chakra, becoming the first police officer to receive a medal previously given only as a military honour.

“Salute to this brave man and proud son of the soil for his stupendous service to our nation”

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