All you need to know about india’s first BBQ on royal enfield bikes


I know everyone might have heard of food trucks, but did you ever hear about BBQ on bikes. Yes it is there, and it is India’s first. Arun and Krishna Varma are the ones who came up with the idea as they were facing issues in food truck. If you go into the details, they already own three food trucks and a Nano car serving as Ice cream car.royal enfield

But they started facing parking issues with these trucks. Then Arun got an idea of fabricating the sidecar with a two wheeler. The sidecar would contain a grill and tava, gas cylinder, cold storage. They put the idea into reality by using Bullet 500cc on the roads.royal enfieldIt was the first bike BBQ and from there they got instant recognition and got investments and also using as Prop in films too. Within less time they started second BBQ bike with 350cc bike as it is stable. Even the Royal Enfield Company has also liked the idea and they wanted to showcase this fabricated kind of vehicles at their showroom. royal enfieldIt will take hardly 10 minutes to the setup and start cooking. They have everything ready and start spreading and grilling the food. They are prepared for rain also and fitted with umbrella to face it.4 All You Need to Know About India’s First BBQ On Royal Enfield BikesMenu contains like chicken legs, boneless chicken strips, wraps, burgers, rolls and pineapple veggies, rilled Pineapple Wedges, Prawn Sticks or Baby Corn Mushroom Sticks, BBQ burgers, wraps and Slow Cooked Lamb Chops along with their newly introduced mojitos etc. All will be grilled within minutes, on the spot. On the road they can serve up to 200 customers. Currently they are offering only continental, so ne separate grills for veg and non-veg. 5 All You Need to Know About India’s First BBQ On Royal Enfield BikesThey have started a company and named as BBQ Ride India. Per bike including fabrications costs around 3.5 lakhs. They already signed up with a hotel in Goa to have four Bullets on the beaches. They want it to spread the business pan India. They are getting franchise offers from different states and even investment offers from Dubai. 6 All You Need to Know About India’s First BBQ On Royal Enfield BikesSo what are you waiting for, if you are in Bangalore or when you had a trip to Bangalore enjoy this famous BBQ. It is located at Kammanahalli and cost starts from 100.