All You Need To Know About India’s New Parliament Building ‘Central Vista’

Indian government laid the foundation for the New Parliament Building Of India in 2021. After 3 years of construction and development, the New Parliament Building Of India is ready for inauguration on March 28th. The New Parliament Building is dedicated to Nation marking the 75 years of Independent India.

All You Need To Know About India’s New Parliament Building ‘Central Vista’ in 9 points

1. The New Parliament Building Is Constructed To Commemorate 75 Years of Independent India with a new shape, new attractions, and new facilities using advanced technology to facilitate our public representatives.

PM Modi to lay foundation stone of new Parliament building on Thursday |  Latest News India - Hindustan Times

2. It Took Approximately Rs 1000 Crores To Built The New Parliament Building. A total of 23,04,095 were involved in constriction, 63,000+ Metric Tonnes Of cement used, and 26,000 metric tonnes of Steel used in construction.

Parliament complex

3. The New Parliament Building Named As Central Vista. A total of 65,000 sq.ft of land was allotted for a new parliament building with a round shape and consists of 4 floors.

Central Vista: Why India needs new parliament building and secretariate

4. Loksabha chamber theme was designed after the National Bird Peacock and the Rajya Sabha chamber theme was designed after the National Flower Lotus.

Here's how new Lok Sabha chamber will look, govt publishes photos | India  News,The Indian Express

5. Newly renovated Loksabha chamber has a total of 888 seats and the Rajya Sabha chamber has 384 seats increased as if the number of constituencies increases in coming days.

New Parliament Building | Parliament of India | Central Vista

6. Indian Government And RBI Releasing 75 Rupees Coin To Commemorate The Inaugural Of New Parliament Building and & 75 Years of Independent India.

75 Rupees (Platinum Jubilee of RBI) - India – Numista


7. The New Parliament Building Is Known As ‘Central Vista’. New AI-based Smart Cards Were Issued For All Loksabha. Rajya Sabha and staff members with high safety and security precautions. Morethan 300+ CCTV cameras are installed for surveillance.

New Parliament Building Features: India's new Parliament building:  Significant features - The Economic Times

8. There will be 6 gates and separate entry for the Prime Minister and President Of India. The other 4 entries are for Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Staff, and for visitors

Lok Sabha Secretariat begins preparing new identity cards of MPs for new  Parliament building | Deccan Herald

9. The new parliament building will have seating arrangements for 330+ individuals in the Visitors’ Gallery, providing ample space for observers and guests

Things to Know about the New Parliament House, India - archEstudy

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