All You need to know about the ongoing ‘Cambridge Analytica’ data Scandal


Last one-week nundi, Cambridge Analytica Data misuse gurinchi chala controversy jarugutundi. Asalu Cambridge Analytica anedi oka consulting group that has worked on several high-profile political campaigns, which includes President Donald Trump’s one. Asalu e issue epudu limelight loki vachindi antey, when the $500 billion company, eh Cambridge Analytica used the data that had been collected from 50 million users without their consent.facebookAsalu backstory loki veltey, e issue start aindi, 2015 lo app developer Aleksandr Kogan third-party app “thisisyourdigitallife” ni FB lo create chesaru. Idi oka research app ani cheparu, but reality lo it was given data to Cambridge Analytica, a U.K. based company that helps political parties target voters with specific messages.facebook

Asalu Cambridge Analytica entidi?

Idi oka political analysis firm and deni work entante to build psychological profiles of voters and elections lo clients win avadaniki strategies kuda istundi. Deni meda accuse entante, this company bought millions of Americans’ data from a researcher who told Facebook he was collecting it strictly for academic purposes. And that researcher is Aleksandr Kogan, who is a psychology professor at the University of Cambridge. FB rules ki against ga Kogan a data ni Cambridge Analytica ki ammesaru.facebook

E vishayanni, Christopher Wylie, a whistleblower, evaraitey a company tho work chesado till 2014 e news anta real ani statement ichadu. And e firm ki Russian oil companies tho contacts unayi ani konni projects kuda deal chestunarani chepparu. He also said that any ties between Cambridge and Russia could complicate matters for Facebook.facebook

And e issue valla Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg lost $6 Billion the day after the issue got revealed. Facebook’s stock was down about 7% Monday afternoon and dropped another 2.5% Tuesday. E issue tarvata, the board of Cambridge Analytica has announced today, vallu CEO Alexander Nix ni suspend chesamani and e allegations anni tana meda unai ani. Chief data officer, Alexander Tayler ni acting Chief executive kinda appoint chesaru.facebook

Facebook employees, tirelessly working to recover from the loses and 2015 lo jarigina issue tarvata Facebook restrict the third party apps to get access to data from people’s friends, all this still goes back to something that remains absolutely fundamental to the company.